Big Game Hunting

by Povertyman

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I'll help the elephants and rhinos runaway.
And O dear, I hope all the bucks escape.
Ain't nobody shooting any duck today
Unless you're like me and you hunt in games.
If not, you get a chucklin' dog.
These games are my trophies. Put 'em up on the wall.
You'll notice one thing if you're dusting them off:
All my rarest titles were shoved in a vault.
You'll need Lara Croft, Danny Ocean,
Nathan Drake, three Indiana Joneses,
A grappling hook, and all kinds of explosives
To find my safe let alone get it open.
Yeah. Collectors need protection.
I booby trap my collection.
I guess its intervention for anyone interested
To get into my possesions. You're beggin' to get arrested.

Load up that super scope.
Its Big Game Hunting like you used to know.
If your pistol's a zapper its pixels you're after.
Here's another system to master.
Load up that super scope.
Its Big Game Hunting like you used to know.
Shot gunning targets when we're locked onto bargains.
Now hit start on the cartridge.

Armed with a treasure map and a sacred compass
I found the video game Cave of Wonders!
Is it cursed? Is it safe to plunder?
Wait! Its not a treasure its a game stop dumpster!
I found a game cartridge inside of a milk carton.
I'll hit up any auction from Compton to Boston.
Its awesome. Game Huntin' safari.
Snare the Jaguar or just snipe the atari.
If you miss a shot you better keep searchin'.
Some of these titles are rarer than sea serpents.
Like a scratched disc you hope it'll resurface.
These games are like crocs and my name is Steve Irwin.
Now tell me what you're seekin'.
Its good to have a goal, playa', once you reach it
Then we can celebrate. Jumpin' Screamin'.
And we'll do it all again 'cause its hunting season!




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Povertyman Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania


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