Crumbs for the Masses

by Povertyman

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When PovertyMan and Pajama Sam teamed up for the Vocalist/Producer Challenge they created the original version of Crumbs for the Masses. This remake is also the title track for PovertyMan's upcoming LP.

Downloads for Crumbs for the Masses are pay what you want (including free) and any donations received for it will be used to release the LP properly.


I hate reporters. I'll grab a tape recorder.
While this thing's recording I'll try and pay it forward.
You're waiting for it. I know it ain't rewarding.
Like a space explorer that can only stay in orbit.
I ain't performing. I need the excuse
To hop up to the mic and keep speaking the truth.
Some say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.
Acting like PovertyMan keeps squeezing the fruit.
But there's no reason for you to put your feet in my shoes.
Try to keep it straight: Mind your Ps and your Qs.
There's only crumbs for the masses. The masses are starving.
The media keeps feeding everybody this garbage.
I see it happening every day.
If it's forever the same then we can never escape.
That's half the reason why I keep my head in the game.
And that's half the reason why you see my begging for change.

Now the force of the beat has forced me to speak.
Unfortunately my brother's still not talking to me.
Because of the beef I'm falling asleep.
Its hard to believe I ain't calling for peace.
I guess part of me screams like I'm caught in between.
The real world and the shit you saw on TV.
The shepherd slaughtered his sheep when he started to leave.
I guess no man can escape the karma police.
Its getting harder to breath. I never crawl on my knees.
The starving artist in me is finally starting to eat.
Drinking coffee and tea. Labels offering me
Contracts like a saint with a heart of a thief.
They take the Clark Wallabies right off of my feet.
They're my arch Enemies: Turn this art into cheese.
Just a few noble soldiers left guarding these streets.
Just a few noble soldiers left to pardon these streets.

I sit back up on my mattress and get sad for all the masses
That react to the distractions like they're glad to see them crafted.
The fact is these reactions always happen to be tragic.
Like humanity's collapsing while my family's relaxing.
The planet burns to ashes while we stand there with the matches.
You don't have to be imagining the nastiest disasters.
They can actually happen while we laugh at the distractions.
Naturally the casualties were last to see me rapping.

I... I hope I'm saying it right.
I gave 'em advice thinking I was saving a life.
I guess I wasted my time 'cause now we're paying the price.
What good is staying alive if all your neighbors will die?
I mean, they say the culture's corrupt.
'Cause half these people act like they're just vultures at lunch.
If that ain't insulting enough.
I hear they need a chance to evolve into us.
But, I don't think that they deserve opposable thumbs.
Here's how to notice I'm exposing the scum.
When you see all the sharks in the ocean of chum;
They're gonna be the one you're watching choke on the crumbs.


released April 2, 2017
Lyrics written and performed by PovertyMan
Might be produced by someone famous.
Poorly mixed by PovertyMan



all rights reserved


Povertyman Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania


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